Tasting Etiquette

Not sure how to act at a wine tasting? Don’t fret. We share the rules, and how to break them.

There can be a lot to think of when you are tasting wines.

Don’t wear strong perfume or cologne, as smell will influence your taste. Swirling the wine first in your glass will aerate the wine’s aroma, so you can swirl gently while holding the glass by the stem. Holding a glass by the bowl (rather than the stem) can disturb the temperature of the wine. Take your sip, then swirl the wine in your mouth to coat all surfaces for texture and flavor. Oh, and be sure to give the wine more than one sip to truly judge it, your perception of the wine will change on further sips. Whew. That’s a lot, and there’s lots more where that came from.

Now that we’ve told you all that, feel free to put those norms and traditions aside and partake in a trübistro tasting event.

We host a wine tasting every third Thursday of the month from 6pm – 7:30pm. Our tastings are super casual, and most of all—fun! You don’t need to know a thing or act a certain way. Just bring a great attitude and an open mind.

Typically, we will invite in a wine host we know to present four of their favorite wines. They will tell you a little about the different grapes, regions, or producers. Whether you love the wines, or not, is totally fine by us! But maybe you will learn something new or discover a different perspective, and that is always fun.

Pair your wine tastings with a charcuterie board from our menu, bring in some friends with you, or make some new ones, and we’ll all just call it a party!

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