Simple Ingredients, Powerful Flavors

Fresh, simple ingredients create the most dynamic flavors. Check out these dishes for examples.

Dynamic flavors really come out when you allow them to shine without oversaturating with sauces and seasonings.

As in our burrata and squash salad. To bring out that incredible flavor, we sprinkle fresh pomegranate seeds, nutty arugula, drizzles of olive oil, and freshly ground pepper — the result is simple, powerful, and full of flavor.

Our flatbreads, which are always on the menu, also feature very simple, very fresh, ingredients. Our Fall Flatbread combines pumpkin marinara, kale, butternut squash, carmelized onions, and smoked gouda cheese. The winter harvest brings in an offering with shaved brussel sprouts, which we pair with BBQ pork, red onion, and gruyere cheese. Delicious! See more flatbreads on our menu.

Our housemade sandwiches are another example of how fresh ingredients can come together to create bursts of flavor in every bite. Fresh mozzarella, pesto basil, roma tomato, baby gem, and a balsamic drizzle make up our Caprese Sandwich. By far, the fan favorite at trübistro is our three-cheese grilled cheese sandwich, using Havarti, American, Pepperjack cheeses. Perfect comfort food for those cold, rainy days. For a full list of sandwiches, see our menu.

And our signature burger, served with fries and made with bacon jam, gruyere cheese, tomato, mixed greens, and an herb aioli, has folks coming back again and again. See trübistro’s other specialties on our menu.

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