Meet Janice

Meet our resident expert on all things wine, Janice Yang. She’s approachable, and loves what she does! Oh, and by the way, she also manages the place.

Janice has worked in restaurants since she was old enough to see over the bar. After earning her degree in Biochemistry from UW, Janice took her love for science and for food and drink and combined them to delve deeper into the wine industry. She is fascinated by the science behind grape harvesting and producing great wines. After 16 years of working with wine, and learning the nuances to pair well with food, trübistro gives her a home base to share this knowledge, (much to the benefit of your taste buds!) She puts a ton of thought into the wines she curates, especially from around the Pacific NW, but also from around the globe.

Q&A with Janice:

Q: With all that you know about wine, I’m curious, what wine do you prefer – whites, reds, blends?

A: “I actually love all wines, but bring on the bubbly—champagne is my absolute favorite!”


Q: Do you ever feel intimidated by the sheer amount of wine choices there are?

A: “Definitely. There are so many great wine producers, so many just here in Washington alone! But I am passionate about getting into the minutiae of each wine so I know what goes in to each glass I pour. My favorite thing is helping customers find the perfect glass for them, especially when they may feel overwhelmed by the choices.”


Q: Okay, here’s one for you— I am having a paella dinner party with friends this weekend. What should I serve with it?

A: "I have a perfect wine pairing suggestion for Paella. I like a French Bourgogne, a drier, less oaky Chardonnay. This style of Chardonnay pairs well with seafood because the drier style does not compete with the seafood flavors. We have a great bottle of Bourgogne in our bottleshop that you can take home today!”

Q: I just may do that. Thanks!

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