Burgundy with a Burger?

What is a great wine pairing for our yummy burger? Read on to find out.

Our signature burger, with its Brioche bun, bacon jam, gruyere, housemade pickles, tomato, mixed greens, and herb aioli, is a popular item on our menu.

I guess sometimes, at the end of the day, a nice, made-to-order, juicy burger, fries, and glass of wine really hits the spot. We wholeheartedly agree! But what wine to order with that burger?

We say, “Pair whatever you like with it!” Yes, of course traditionally, you would pair a red wine with red meat, in particular a bold red like a burgundy, or cabernet, or pinot noir. But hey, if you decide the day calls for a glass of white or a rosé, who are we to judge? Here at trübistro, you are the boss. Your tastes and preferences take precedent beyond any “right way” to do things with wine. So although we offer wine suggestions on our menu for most entreés, specifically our Plates and Specialties, we say go for it!

If you do like a little guidance, here is what Janice, our wine expert, prefers:

“I like this burger paired with our St. Supery Cabernet from California, the richness and robust flavors of the Cabernet really sets the taste of the bacon jam! We also offer our signature burger with a chicken patty or Beyond Burger substituion. I think the St. Supery goes well with those options as well.”

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